Cities with deadly viruses and a house away from this atmosphere.

In the last three months everyone, irrespective of his/her religion, caste, the economic background is experiencing the problems of this deadly virus called COVID 19. The virus has damaged our lives, perpetually. Many people who were once behind fast life, urban lifestyles, are seriously thinking do I really need to stay in such an atmosphere? Finally, at some point in life we all think, is this run worth running? Or I want to take my family, in an atmosphere, where one can breathe in the fresh air, or one can really be in the company of nature, or our true self.

As a practicing architect, I do come across some clients who have achieved a position and now think about living their lives peacefully, and since they thought of retiring into the rural life, they wanted a traditional house, as where some norms of Vastu Shastra are followed.

Ground Floor Plan

The clients demanded a courtyard as they really wanted to follow tradition, It was a surprise even for me as an architect, as in today’s time, I could never imagine someone with such interests. The plan is a typical plan with central courtyard, kitchen at SE corner, entrance from North and staircase to the West, and Master Bedroom on first floor.

The house is a sustainable house, with brick arches, brick pillars,sloping roofs, and a covered courtyard. Due to COVID 19 outbreak, people are thinking differently and they are now ready to think differently and now really want to be away from the mess that city offers, from rich people to poor, everyone is moving towards the fresh air, clear skies, and in short, the spontaneous self, i.e. nature.

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