Farm Houses and Vastu Shastra

We, humans, have our strong belief systems and our behavior in this world is a reflection of our beliefs. Vastu Shastra plays an important role in today’s life, Architects can hate it or love It, but simply cannot ignore it. So what is Vastu Shastra? Is it a science? Is it magic? Is it a method of manifesting good fortune in life? What is it? As per me, Vastu Shastra is a science about the land, and it talks about the land, and how land or plot should be on which, one wishes to build a house. The plot should be square and rectangular, and not an irregular one. Then Vastu talks about directions, as per Vastu plots sloping towards North and East are auspicious ones. Vastu Shastra provides guidelines about how to build a house, and how to get entries, how to plan a house to harmonize energies within a plot. Consider an ideal house designed by me as per Vastu for one of my clients. This is a North facing house, with a sizable courtyard. The kitchen is placed in the SE corner, and the master bedroom is placed in the SW corner. The second bedroom is in the West of the NW corner. In our busy urban life where people are living in flats, it’s not possible to build a house with a courtyard, and if one decides to do so, the cost of the flat will be very high. While building a farmhouse we can build it as per the traditional guidelines. In Short, we can have a large open space around Brahmasthana, but we will need large plots for building such houses.

Plan and Section of a house as per Vastu Shastra
3d renderings of the house designed by myself.

I am not an expert in Vastu Shastra but based on my basic knowledge I believe that the plan that I had drawn is as per Vastu Shastra, anyone with the knowledge and experience can correct me. The positive suggestions will be accepted. One can also develop a concept of creating an atrium. The blog is written, for those who believe in Vastu Shastra, and the beliefs may not be proven. The blog should encourage people to build a nice house as per Vastu, and live a happy, healthy life. We have seen an outbreak of Covid19 Virus in the last few months, this outbreak has taught us many lessons, It is very much a possibility that people now will try to get back to the ancient knowledge, and ancient lifestyle due to this outbreak. As per me, Vastu forces a human being for a dialogue with the inner consciousness. House shown here, is possible to built with sizable budgets, and it will require a servant’s quarter.


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