Virus, silence, and silence of different type

All of us have experienced the horrors caused by the deadly virus. We have witnessed the mass exodus of migrant workers and their agonizing, painful march towards their home towns. The streets of the cities during the lockdown period were empty, streets which are normally full of traffic, air pollution, dust, and people tied to the watch, their haste, hurry to reach someplace in time, in short, everybody’s respective routine, all came to a sudden halt. The stingy, tight, market places which were once bustling with young women, and men alike all were vacant. The colleges, full of young energy, where young men flirt with their female friends, are closed and are nothing else but cold, unresponsive buildings resembling the morgues of hospitals. The overpopulated cities started to look like empty massacred towns and all people were trapped into their concrete cells. Apartments became towering jails, small single storied houses like bastions of citadels.

All of us have at some point felt the pain, the depression, the agony, and whatnot. We have experienced the existence of an unresponsive God, and have been frustrated with the situation. Born out of this is a silence that could be compared with silence in the crematorium. Some people were pissed off with this silence in cities and went to their homes in villages like my friend for whom I designed a house. He chose to stay in a life full of solitude in his village town. He prefered a different kind of silence, to that which we experienced in Pune city or any other large city. A silence which forces humans to be more creative, to be in the company of our true being. The context of the house was dirt simple, we were planning to give justice to those mesmerising mountains which could be witnessed from his terrace.

Torna fort, the mountain ranges of Sanhyadri

The house was built by taking care of vistas, the mountains, the trees, the water, the surroundings and the pollution free clear blue skies, makes one feel in the company of the self. Forces one to explore the creative possibilities to pass time, and come up with creative solutions for problems.

The house and the Torna fort, the house merged into surroundings

The choice of silence is up to us. What we want that is also up to us, which life we choose that is also our choice. Some people also want the best of the two worlds and nothing wrong in that either. Some people also believe in taking their work, into quiet places and work in an atmosphere which is very quiet. Finally which silence we prefer is our choice!

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This is an interesting subject for a blog. Never thought of silence in that manner. A well written article.

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